16 Best Popunder Ad Networks 2024

Having 7+ years of experience in this domain, I know firsthand the power of popunder ads in driving conversions and maximizing ROI.

In 2024, the global popunder advertising market continues to thrive, with spending projected to exceed $2.5 billion as more businesses recognize this ad format’s cost-effectiveness and vast reach.

Popunder ads, known for their ability to engage users without being overly intrusive, have proven to be a reliable revenue generator for publishers worldwide, delivering an average CTR of 3-5% and conversion rates as high as 10-15% across verticals like iGaming, eCommerce, and software.

But which one to choose from this haystack of Popunder ad networks?

To make your blurred vision clearer on this, I have compiled a list of the top 16 Popunder ad networks that stand in quite a reputable place among others.

What are Popunder Ad Networks?

Popunder Ad Networks

Popunder ad networks are advertising platforms that specialize in delivering popunder ads, which open a new browser window or tab behind the current one when a user visits a website. These networks connect advertisers with publishers who have available ad inventory on their sites. Popunder ads can be effective for driving traffic and conversions, but they are also considered intrusive by some users.

16 Best Popunder Ad Networks 2024

Ad NetworkAd FormatsTraffic VolumeKey Features
RichAdsPush, pops, in-page, calendar, direct click, native5B+ impressions/dayOptimizer, Predictor, Multiformat, Performance mode
PopCashPopunders4B+ monthly visitorsFast payments, friendly interface, global coverage
AdsterraPopunders, push notifications, native ads1B+ daily impressionsAnti-fraud technology, advanced targeting options
PopAdsPopundersDynamic market, fast payments, high security
EZmobPopunders, push notifications, banners, redirects3B+ daily impressionsSelf-serve platform, account managers
PropellerAdsPopunders, push notifications12B+ daily impressionsAdvanced targeting, optimization tools, CPA goal
ClickAdillaPopunders, banners, interstitials, push4.5B+ daily usersMultiple ad buying options, global coverage
CoinzillaPopunders, bannersFocused on crypto/finance niche, custom ad creation
ClickaduPopunders, push notifications, instant messagesMulti-format ads, 24hr approval process
BidVertiserPopunders, push notifications, native adsBillions of impressionsReal-time bidding, automation, robust targeting
AdMavenPopunders, push notifications, interstitials1B+ engaged usersInnovative ad formats, optimization engine
TrafficJunkyPopunders4.6B+ daily impressionsHuge traffic volume, advanced optimization tools
HilltopAdsPopunders, in-page, videoAPI tools, auto-optimization, advanced targeting
JuicyAdsPopunders, banners, interstitials, native1B+ daily impressionsExclusive placements, award-winning service
AdSpyglassPopunders, banners, native, push, interstitialsAd server platform, ad rotation & optimization
AdsCompassPopunders, banners, native, pushGlobal 200+ GEOsMutually beneficial for all parties

1. RichAds


RichAds is a leading popunder ad network that offers high-quality pop traffic to advertisers and publishers worldwide. With over 5 billion daily impressions across 220+ Geos, RichAds provides a vast inventory of popunder ad placements, serving various verticals such as gambling, dating, e-commerce, and finance.

RichAds takes pride in its commitment to fraud prevention, employing proprietary algorithms and integrating with AdScore to ensure bot-free, genuine traffic. Advertisers can leverage pre-built whitelists curated by RichAds’ experts, tailored to their specific offers and geos, facilitating a strong campaign start.

With a minimum deposit of $150 and competitive CPM rates starting from $0.5 for Tier 3 countries and $1 for Tier 1 countries, RichAds offers flexible pricing models to suit diverse advertising budgets. The platform supports various payment methods, including wire transfer, Capitalist, Payoneer, and credit cards, ensuring a seamless experience for advertisers.

2. PopCash


PopCash is another leading popunder ad network that helps publishers maximize their revenue through non-intrusive, high-performing ads. With over 850 million popunder ad impressions served daily and 10+ years of industry experience, PopCash offers a reliable and efficient monetization solution.

The network supports both CPM and CPV pricing models, with competitive rates and an 80% revenue share for publishers. PopCash’s popunder ads are optimized for all devices and verticals, including mainstream and adult traffic. Publishers can withdraw earnings via multiple payment methods, with a low minimum payout of just $10.

PopCash ensures ad quality and safety using advanced in-house and third-party protection systems. The user-friendly, self-serve platform features real-time reporting and 24/7 support. Advertisers benefit from precise targeting options, a $5 minimum deposit, and fast campaign approvals.

3. Adsterra


Adsterra is a popunder ad network that delivers over 2.2 billion weekly pop ad impressions from 18K+ direct publishers across 248 Geos. Its self-serve platform empowers advertisers to run high-converting CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns for popunders with massive CTRs. Top verticals thriving on Adsterra’s premium popunder traffic include iGaming, eCommerce, utilities, software, and entertainment.

With AI-powered optimization tools like Traffic Estimator and Smart CPM, advertisers can maximize ROI. Publishers enjoy a 100% fill rate, high eCPMs, and payouts starting from $5 via multiple options like PayPal and wire transfer. Adsterra’s unique Partner Care approach, with 24/7 support and personal managers, ensures seamless campaign management and monetization.

4. PopAds


PopAds is a popunder advertising network that offers fast, efficient, and secure ad serving for publishers and advertisers. As a specialized popunder ad network, PopAds provides high-quality traffic from over 50 countries, including North America, Western Europe, Australia, India, and Southern Asia. With a focus on delivering the best-paying popunder ads, PopAds supports cost-per-view (CPV) and cost-per-mille (CPM) pricing models.

Publishers can monetize their websites with PopAds’ popunder ads without any minimum traffic requirements. The network accepts a wide range of websites, including entertainment, file sharing, and adult sites. PopAds offers competitive CPM rates, reaching up to $6 per 1000 impressions for tier-1 traffic.

Advertisers can target their campaigns based on geolocation, keywords, and categories, making them suitable for various verticals such as dating, gambling, and e-commerce. With a low minimum deposit of $5 and daily payment processing, PopAds is a top choice for monetizing web traffic through popunder advertising.

5. EZmob


EZmob is a self-serve popunder ad network that enables advertisers to launch high-performing popunder campaigns across a vast network of premium publishers. With over 3 billion daily ad impressions and traffic from over 220 Geos, EZmob provides unparalleled global reach for popunder advertising.

The platform offers advanced targeting options, including geo, device, browser, and carrier, ensuring precise audience targeting. Advertisers can leverage various pricing models, including CPM (starting at $0.20) and CPC, for different campaign goals.

EZmob supports a wide range of verticals, from mainstream to adult content, and boasts a low minimum deposit of $50, making it accessible to advertisers of all sizes. With a user-friendly interface, competitive bid prices, and 24/7 support, EZmob stands out as a premier choice for running successful popunder ad campaigns.

6. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a leading popunder ad network, delivering over 10 billion ad impressions daily across 195+ countries. As a trusted partner for affiliates, advertisers, and media buyers, PropellerAds offers a user-friendly self-serve platform for launching, optimizing, and tracking popunder campaigns.

Key features include advanced targeting options, real-time reporting, and anti-fraud protection. PropellerAds supports various pricing models, including CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, SmartCPC, and CPA Goal, serving distinct advertising goals. The platform excels in iGaming, eCommerce, utilities, and social verticals.

Publishers benefit from a low minimum payout threshold of just $5, with multiple payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer. PropellerAds is the go-to popunder ad network for maximizing conversions and ROI with its extensive reach, robust optimization tools, and dedicated support.

7. ClickAdilla


ClickAdilla is a high-performance self-serve popunder ad network that delivers premium adult and mainstream traffic across 240+ geos. With a massive reach of over 4.5 billion daily impressions, it offers 13 ad formats including popunder, banner, native, and video ads.

ClickAdilla stands out with advanced targeting options, real-time bidding, campaign management tools, and seamless tracker integration. Its top-performing verticals include Dating, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Crypto, and Nutra. Advertisers can buy traffic on a CPA, CPM, or flat-rate basis, with only $50 for deposits and payouts via multiple methods like wire transfers and cryptocurrencies. Publishers benefit from bi-weekly payments, custom scripts, and impression frequency control.

8. Coinzilla


Coinzilla, a finance and crypto advertising network offers high-performing popunder ad campaigns for advertisers seeking to reach targeted audiences in the cryptocurrency niche. With its network of over 650 premium crypto websites and 1 billion monthly impressions, Coinzilla delivers quality traffic from diverse sources worldwide.

The network’s advanced targeting options, including geo-targeting and behavioral targeting, enable advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively. Coinzilla’s dedicated account managers offer personalized support and campaign optimization to maximize ROI. Publishers can monetize their crypto-related websites through Coinzilla’s popunder ads, earning competitive payouts with a low minimum threshold of €50.

9. Clickadu


Clickadu is a multi-format ad network renowned for its premium popunder traffic. With over 5 billion daily impressions across 240+ GEOs, it offers unparalleled reach for advertisers. Clickadu’s popunder ads boast advanced targeting options, including device, location, and browser-level filters, ensuring precise audience targeting. 

The network supports various pricing models like CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA, serving different campaign goals. Its extensive vertical coverage spans 22 niches, including dating, sweepstakes, and e-commerce. With a low $100 minimum deposit and competitive CPM rates starting at $0.3, Clickadu provides an accessible and cost-effective popunder advertising solution.

10. BidVertiser


BidVertiser is a popunder ad network that offers high-converting traffic to advertisers worldwide. With over 10 years of experience, it serves billions of impressions monthly, delivering 1.5 billion conversions annually. BidVertiser’s popunder ads capture users’ attention when they mistype domains, click broken links, or start typing brand names, ensuring maximum engagement.

The network supports various pricing models like CPC, CPM, and CPA across verticals like e-commerce, dating, gaming, and more. Its proprietary AI technology maps keywords and brand names, enabling precise targeting.

Advertisers can access global traffic sources across desktop and mobile devices with advanced targeting options like geo, device, browser, and ISP targeting. The minimum payout threshold is $10 for PayPal, $100 for checks, and $500 for wire transfers, ensuring flexible payment options.

11. AdMaven


AdMaven is a popunder ad network that offers high-quality traffic and competitive CPM rates for publishers. With over 2 billion daily ad impressions across 200+ GEOs, AdMaven provides a self-serve platform for advertisers and publishers to maximize their ROI. The network supports multiple pricing models, including CPM, CPC, and CPA, serving various advertising verticals such as entertainment, streaming, and gaming.

Publishers can expect eCPMs ranging from $0.30 to $4.00, depending on the geo and device type. The minimum deposit for advertisers is just $50, and the platform offers a wide range of payment methods, including PayPal, wire transfer, and cryptocurrencies. AdMaven ensures a seamless and profitable experience for both advertisers and publishers in the popunder advertising space.

12. TrafficJunky


TrafficJunky is an adult popunder ad network that delivers high-quality traffic from premium adult websites. Its self-serve platform allows advertisers to create and manage popunder campaigns easily. It supports various pricing models, including CPM and CPC, and offers competitive rates starting at a minimum deposit of $25. Advertisers can target specific GEOs, devices, and ad spots to optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI.

TrafficJunky’s popunder traffic performs well for a wide range of verticals, such as dating, gambling, gaming, health, and entertainment. With its high-quality traffic from top adult sites like Pornhub, TrafficJunky delivers impressive results for advertisers. The platform also provides real-time reporting and optimization tools to help advertisers track and improve their campaign performance.

13. HilltopAds


HilltopAds is a global popunder ad network, delivering high-quality traffic and advanced advertising solutions since 2013. It has a reach of over 73 billion monthly ad impressions and coverage across 200+ GEOs, particularly in Europe, Asia, and North America. The self-serve platform supports various ad formats, including popunders, in-page push, and video ads, serving verticals like sweepstakes, software, dating, and gaming.

With a low minimum deposit of $50, flexible CPM and CPA pricing models, and multiple payment options, HilltopAds accommodates advertisers of all scales. The dedicated account management and comprehensive knowledge base provide seamless support for launching profitable popunder campaigns across mainstream and non-mainstream verticals.

14. JuicyAds


JuicyAds is an adult popunder ad network, offering advertisers access to high-quality traffic from a vast network of publishers. JuicyAds enables advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively with competitive CPM rates and advanced targeting options. JuicyAds excels in delivering traffic for verticals such as online gaming, dating, cams, casinos, VOD, and Nutra.

Advertisers can tap into the network’s global reach, with a strong presence in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 countries. Publishers benefit from weekly payouts and a low minimum payout threshold of $25. JuicyAds stands out with dedicated account management and 24/7 live support. With a focus on innovation and quality, JuicyAds has established itself as a trusted partner for advertisers seeking to maximize their ROI in the adult advertising space.

15. AdSpyglass


AdSpyglass is an ad mediation and management platform that specializes in popunder ad networks. With AdSpyglass, publishers can connect to multiple top-performing popunder ad networks, including Adsterra, ClickAdilla, and RollerAds, ensuring maximum fill rates and high eCPM.

The platform supports various ad types like popunders, display banners, native ads, and more, serving different audience preferences across mainstream and adult verticals. AdSpyglass automatically selects and displays the highest-paying popunder ads, increasing revenue by up to 107%. It provides robust analytics, low payout thresholds ($10), and flexible pricing plans like RevShare and Pay as You Go models. AdSpyglass streamlines ad management, enabling publishers to effortlessly maximize their earnings from popunder ad inventory.

16. AdsCompass


AdsCompass is a global popunder ad network that offers mutually beneficial cooperation for webmasters, advertisers, media buyers, and ad networks. With over 900 million daily impressions and 30 billion requests per day, it provides high-quality popunder traffic from direct publishers across 200+ GEOs.

AdsCompass’ self-serve platform allows precise ad targeting, deep analytics, real-time reports, RTB, and 24/7 support. Its key features include Accurate Ad Targeting, a great number of direct publishers, high-quality traffic, a minimum deposit of $50, and multiple payment options like Wire Transfer, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. The network excels in verticals like Social, Utilities, and iGaming, offering CPC, CPM, and PPC pricing models.

As a veteran in the market since 2013, AdsCompass stands out with its global recognition, advanced technologies like OpenRTB and XML Feeds, and a commitment to providing a seamless advertising experience.

How to Get Max Results from Popunder Ads?

Max ROI Using Popunder Ads
Optimization tips: Continuously monitor and optimize your popunder campaigns. Analyze performance metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition. Test different ad creatives, targeting parameters, and placements to identify the most effective strategies. Leverage A/B testing and multivariate testing to refine your approach.
Ad placement guidance: Proper ad placement is crucial for popunder ads. Ensure they don’t interfere with the user’s primary browsing experience or disrupt their workflow. Avoid placing popunder ads on sensitive or inappropriate websites, as this can damage your brand’s reputation.
Frequency capping: Implement frequency capping to limit the number of times a user sees your popunder ad within a specific time frame. Excessive ad exposure can lead to user fatigue and a negative experience, potentially harming your brand’s perception.
Creative tips: Design eye-catching and relevant ad creatives that resonate with your target audience. Use compelling visuals, clear messaging, and a strong call to action. Ensure your creatives are mobile-friendly and optimized for various screen sizes. Regularly refresh your ad creatives to prevent ad fatigue.

Answering Common Queries on Popunder Ad Networks

Why Should I Use Popunder Ads?

Popunder ads are known for their non-intrusive nature, high viewability rates, and ability to capture users’ attention when they are most receptive. They can drive significant traffic and conversions while providing a better user experience compared to other ad formats like pop-ups or banners.

How do I Choose The Right Popunder Ad Network for My Business?

Consider factors like the network’s traffic sources and geographic coverage, supported advertising verticals, pricing models, reporting capabilities, compliance policies, and customer support. Test different networks with small campaigns to evaluate their performance and find the best fit for your advertising goals.

What are the Most Popular Pricing Models for Popunder Ad Networks?

The common pricing models include CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), and CPA (cost per acquisition). Some networks also offer hybrid models like SmartCPM, SmartCPC, and flat-rate pricing.

How can I Ensure High-Quality Traffic from Popunder Ad Networks?

Look for networks that prioritize direct publisher relationships, employ advanced fraud detection and ad verification technologies, and offer features like whitelisting and blacklisting. Reputable networks like RichAds, Adsterra, and PropellerAds are known for delivering high-quality, bot-free traffic.

What are the Minimum Deposit Requirements for Popunder Ad Networks?

Minimum deposit requirements vary across networks, ranging from as low as $5 (PopAds, HilltopAds) to $100 or more (Clickadu, BidVertiser). Many networks offer flexible options, with minimums around $50 to $150, making them accessible to advertisers of all sizes.

How do Popunder Ad Networks Support Campaign Optimization and Performance Tracking?

Top networks provide advanced targeting options (geo, device, browser, etc.), real-time bidding, automated rules, source sampling, detailed analytics, and conversion tracking. Features like Traffic Estimator (Adsterra) and micro-bidding (RichAds) enable precise optimization for maximum ROI.

Which Verticals Perform Well with Popunder Ad Campaigns?

Popunder ads are highly effective for verticals like iGaming, eCommerce, dating, software, entertainment, finance, crypto, and adult content. Networks like Coinzilla and TrafficJunky specialize in specific verticals like crypto and adult.

What Common Payment Options Do Popunder Ad Networks Offer?

Common payment methods include wire transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. Some networks also support local payment options like Capitalist (RichAds). Minimum payout thresholds can range from $5 to $500, depending on the network and payment method.

Popunder Perfection

As someone who has worked in this field for 7+ years, I can attest to the immense potential of popunder advertising. The ability to engage users without being overly intrusive has proven invaluable for driving conversions and maximizing ROI across verticals.

However, success hinges on choosing the right popunder ad network that aligns with your specific goals and target audience. The 16 networks highlighted in this post represent the cream of the crop, offering unparalleled traffic quality, advanced targeting capabilities, and dedicated support to ensure your campaigns soar.

From industry giants like Adsterra and PropellerAds to niche players like Coinzilla and TrafficJunky, there’s a solution tailored to everyone’s needs.

Continuously optimizing your campaigns, testing new strategies, and adhering to best practices will be the key to unlocking sustained growth and profitability. With the right mindset and the insights shared here, I’m confident you’ll be well-equipped to explore into this exciting space and achieve remarkable results.

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