15 Best Offerwall Ad Networks 2024

Struggling to monetize your mobile app or game? Offerwalls could be the solution you’ve been searching for. These in-app ad units incentivize users to complete specific actions like surveys, app installs, or video views in exchange for virtual rewards.

The numbers speak for themselves: Publishers utilizing both offerwalls and rewarded video ads earn a staggering 114% more than those relying solely on rewarded videos. Offerwalls consistently deliver some of the highest eCPMs in the mobile advertising space, averaging $980 for mid-core games on Android in the US. RPG titles even command an impressive $1,670 eCPM. Research indicates that implementing offerwalls can increase retention by an impressive 40%

Whether you’re a mobile game developer or app publisher, offerwalls present a compelling opportunity to unlock new revenue streams and foster a loyal user base, especially among non-paying users. With a diverse range of offers and flexible pricing models like CPA, CPI, and revenue share, you can tailor the experience to your audience’s preferences.

What are Offerwall Ad Networks?

Offerwall Ad Networks

Offerwall ad networks are platforms that allow publishers to monetize their apps or websites by incentivizing users to complete specific actions in exchange for rewards. These actions can include watching videos, completing surveys, making in-app purchases, or downloading other apps. Offerwall ad networks act as intermediaries between publishers and advertisers, providing a seamless integration of offers and rewards within the app or website’s interface.

How Offerwall Ad Networks Work?

Offerwall ad networks are a unique form of in-app advertising that allows publishers to monetize their apps by rewarding users for completing specific tasks or offers. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how they work:

Integration: Publishers integrate the offerwall ad network’s SDK or API into their app or website.
Offer Wall Display: Users are presented with a “wall” of offers from various advertisers when they access the offerwall section within the app or website.
User Engagement: Users can browse through the available offers and choose the ones they’re interested in completing. These offers can range from installing other apps, completing surveys, watching videos, or making purchases.
Offer Completion: Once a user completes an offer, the offerwall ad network verifies the completion and credits the user with the promised reward, typically in the form of virtual currency or in-app items.
Publisher Revenue: The offerwall ad network shares a portion of the revenue generated from the completed offers with the publisher, based on the agreed-upon payment model (e.g., Cost Per Action, Cost Per Install, or Revenue Share).

List of top Offerwall Ad Networks

NetworkKey FeaturesPayment ModelsIntegration
TapjoyMassive user base (1B+ monthly), fully customizable offerwall, advanced targeting, A/B testing, cross-promotion tools, automated UA optimizers. CPA, CPI, Revenue ShareEasy SDK integration for mobile apps/games. 
KevelComposable ad-serving APIs, unified ad platform, advanced targeting, robust fraud detection, scalable infrastructure, server-side ad serving, flexible ad formats, revenue attribution. CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM, Revenue ShareAPIs for custom integration. 
PubscaleIndustry-leading offer values and completion rates, 5000+ offers, AI-powered optimization, game landscape mode, high eCPMs, global reach (50+ countries), integrated support. CPA, CPI, Revenue ShareSDK integration for Android/Unity apps. 
AdGate MediaRewarded advertising solutions, global brands, streamlined SDK/iFrame/API integration, user-friendly account management tools. CPA, CPC, CPE, CPI, CPL, CPS, CPVSDK, iFrame, API integration. 
Adscend MediaRewards-based ad solutions, quick integration, user-friendly account management, hassle-free payment process. CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPV, Flat Rate, Revenue ShareStreamlined SDK, iFrame, API integration. 
WannadsAutomated and segmented offers. CPA, CPI, CPL, CPM
YeahmobiIntelligent marketing driven by big data and AI, global market expansion. 
Archer MediaInternational affiliate network. CPA, CPC, CPCV, CPI, CPL, CPV
Persona.lyPersonalized ad experiences. 
AdGemCPA, CPE, CPI, CPLSDK integration. 
CPAleadReal-time bidding marketplace. CPA, CPI, CPL, CPM
AppLovinLarge pool of advertisers, data-driven targeting, seamless integration, multiple ad formats, flexible payout models, robust analytics. CPA, CPI, Revenue ShareEasy SDK integration. 
ToroxWeb-based offerwall, massive reach (9M+ MAU), no-code integration, relevant offers, high customization, boosted engagement, global traffic. Web integration. 

1. Tapjoy


Tapjoy is a prominent offerwall ad network that facilitates the connection between premium publishers and top advertisers, enabling mobile users to earn virtual currency or unlock premium content by engaging with targeted relevant ad offers.

Tapjoy’s offerwall ad network stands out for its global reach, serving over a billion monthly active users across various mobile games and apps. Advertisers benefit from exceptional conversions and high engagement by connecting with consumers on their own terms and sponsoring in-app experiences. Tapjoy offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers, and Bitcoin, with a minimum payout of $5 for Bitcoin transactions.

Tapjoy Key Features

Incentivized ads for rewarding users with virtual currency. 
Users earn rewards for watching video ads. 
Segment users based on behavior and preferences. 
Easy SDK integration for mobile apps/games. 
Analytics Dashboard with detailed performance tracking and optimization tools. 
Diverse Ad Formats that support interstitial, banner, and rewarded video ads. 

2. Kevel


Kevel, a composable ad server, has emerged as a powerful Offerwall Ad Network, enabling publishers to build custom ad platforms tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging Kevel’s suite of APIs, businesses can seamlessly integrate Offerwall advertising solutions, unlocking new revenue streams and enhancing user engagement.

One of the key advantages of Kevel’s Offerwall Ad Network is its flexibility in payment methods and payouts. Publishers can choose from various payout options, including direct bank transfers, PayPal, or even cryptocurrencies, ensuring a seamless and convenient monetization process. Additionally, Kevel’s transparent reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling data-driven optimization and maximizing revenue potential.

Kevel Key Features

Composable Ad-Serving API to build custom ad platforms with tailored integrations.
Unified Ad Platforms to manage multiple demand sources from a single interface.
Advanced Targeting to deliver highly relevant and personalized offers to users.
Robust Fraud Detection to protect against fraudulent activities in ad campaigns.
Server-Side Ad Serving, reliable and unencumbered by browser restrictions.

3. Pubscale


PubScale is an innovative ad network that specializes in Offerwall monetization for mobile apps and games. As a one-stop growth platform, it enables publishers to seamlessly integrate Offerwall ads, providing users with rewarding experiences while boosting revenue. PubScale’s Offerwall solution connects apps with premium advertisers, ensuring users see relevant and lucrative offers, increasing engagement and revenue.

According to industry data, Offerwalls are utilized by 15% of game publishers, highlighting their popularity as a monetization strategy. PubScale’s Offerwall integration process is swift, allowing publishers to start generating revenue within three hours. Additionally, it offers over 5,000 offers across 50+ countries, catering to diverse audiences.

PubScale Key Features

Seamless integration with a user-friendly dashboard.
Access to premium advertisers and 15+ demand partners.
AI-powered personalized offers for enhanced user experience.
Robust anti-fraud measures to safeguard ad earnings.
Comprehensive analytics and reporting for data-driven optimization.
Dedicated support for fast issue resolution.

4. AdGate Media

AdGate Media

AdGate Media is an offerwall ad network that enables app publishers and developers to monetize their user base through incentivized advertising. Acquired by Prodege in 2022, AdGate Media has been operating since 2011, leveraging its extensive experience and technology to help grow app user bases with a focus on return on investment (ROI).

AdGate Media’s flagship product, the AdGate Rewards offerwall, allows users to voluntarily engage with premium brands in exchange for digital rewards on their preferred social media platforms. Offers from AdGate Media include sign-ups, registrations, app installs, web games, surveys, and more. The company boasts over 2,000 active campaigns running at any given time, ensuring high eCPMs for publishers. Publishers can receive payments via various methods, including cryptocurrency, Payoneer, and others

AdGate Key Features

Offers multiple integration methods, including SDK, Web View, and API, catering to different publisher preferences.
AdGate Media’s monetization solutions are platform-agnostic, supporting desktop, Android, iOS, and other platforms.
Provides easy-to-understand reports, allowing publishers to track their earnings and disable campaigns that don’t align with their brand interests.
With a global reach and over 2,000 active campaigns, AdGate Media ensures high eCPMs for publishers worldwide.
AdGate Media’s algorithms select the best-performing campaigns specifically for each publisher’s user base, maximizing revenue potential.

5. Adscend Media

Adscend Media

Adscend Media, a performance-based advertising network established in 2009, has emerged as a prominent player in the offerwall ad network space. Adscend Media’s offerwall solution boasts an impressive eCPM rate, reaching up to $90, making it one of the highest-performing rewards-based advertising solutions in the industry.

Adscend Media’s offerwall ad network operates in over 180 countries, connecting publishers with a vast pool of advertisers and delivering over 500,000 actionable leads each month. The company has paid out more than $50 million to publishers since its inception, maintaining a spotless record of on-time payments. Publishers can choose from various payout methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, checks, and wire transfers, with minimum payout thresholds ranging from $50 to $500, depending on the selected method.

Adscend Media processes payments on a Net 30-day basis for regular revenue and a Net 60-day basis for video earnings. Publishers can opt to receive video earnings on a Net 30-day basis by paying a 7% fee.

Adscend Key Features

Exclusive video-based ad formats, such as EngageMe.TV and Rewarded Video for Offer Wall, which helps boost user engagement and daily revenue.
Market Research Survey Profiles incentivize users to register for high-paying surveys, increasing the chances of survey completion and yielding payouts as high as $30 per completion.
Customizable offerwall colors and background images, allow publishers to create a better user experience.
Uses Total Fraud Defense, is a proprietary fraud-fighting solution that combines a dedicated team and advanced fraud prevention technologies.

6. Wannads


Wannads enables publishers to monetize their websites, applications, or games by presenting users with a range of incentivized advertising offers. As an offerwall platform, Wannads provides a dedicated area within a publisher’s app or website where users can complete various tasks or actions in exchange for rewards.

Wannads offers a diverse pool of campaigns from advertisers across more than 100 countries, allowing publishers to present localized and relevant offers to their users. The platform supports automated, segmented, and automatically translated offers, ensuring a seamless user experience. Wannads offers multiple payout methods to cater to the diverse needs of its publishers. These include PayPal, bank transfers, wire transfers, and other payment options. The platform maintains a minimum payout threshold of $150.

One of the key advantages of Wannads is its flexible integration options. Publishers can choose to integrate Wannads through an iFrame on their web platforms or leverage the native Android and iOS mobile SDKs. This versatility allows for a smooth implementation process, enabling publishers to start earning revenue from their non-paying users quickly.

Wannads Key Features

Automated, segmented, and automatically translated offers from over 100 countries.
Native Android and iOS mobile SDKs for seamless integration.
Customizable campaign selection and presentation.
Dedicated survey wall for user engagement.
User-friendly interface and rewarding experience.
Timely payments and reliable support.

7. Yeahmobi


Yeahmobi is an intelligent mobile advertising platform that offers an offerwall ad network for publishers and advertisers. As an offerwall ad network, Yeahmobi connects advertisers with a vast pool of publishers, enabling them to monetize their apps, websites, and games through incentivized offers. Yeahmobi’s offerwall ad network operates on a cost-per-action (CPA) model, where publishers earn a commission for each completed action, such as app installations, sign-ups, or purchases.

Yeahmobi’s offerwall ad network stands out for its global reach, accepting worldwide traffic and offering a diverse range of offers from various advertisers. Publishers can earn a 3% commission on sales they generate through the offerwall, with a minimum payout threshold of $100. Payments are processed weekly, and Yeahmobi supports multiple payout methods, including PayPal, checks, and wire transfers.

Yeahmobi Key Features

Single-tier commission structure with a fixed 3% commission rate.
Minimum payout of $100.
Weekly payment schedule.
Multiple payout options: PayPal, checks, wire transfers.
Accepts worldwide traffic.
A diverse range of offers from various advertisers.
Intelligent targeting and optimization powered by big data and AI.

8. Archer Media

Archer Media

Archer Media facilitates lead generation through display links, offerwalls, and content lockers. It provides offers for every platform and device, enabling publishers to monetize their websites, games, and apps. The network takes compliance seriously and offers tools to detect and prevent hidden spyware, adware, and fraud. Regarding payments and payouts, Archer Media likely follows industry standards. 

Paymentwall, a prominent payment gateway used by Archer Media, offers international bank transfers, SEPA bank transfers, FasterPay, and PayPal as payout methods. The minimum payout threshold is typically $100, and payouts are processed once or twice a month, depending on the processing volume. Payouts are settled within 5 business days from the first and 15th day of the month for bi-monthly payouts, or as per the agreed schedule for custom payout strategies. 

Archer Media Key Features

Dedicated customer support service.
Lead generation through display links, offerwalls, and content lockers.
Robust reporting suites and patented solutions.
Customized solutions for publishers and advertisers.
Increased engagement and revenue.
Fraud protection and compliance tools.

9. Persona.ly


Persona.ly, a tech product company, offers a suite of tools including an OfferWall ad network that helps developers monetize their apps. This global platform’s OfferWall integration provides users with a variety of tasks to complete in exchange for in-app rewards, driving user engagement and retention. Persona.ly’s proprietary technology includes machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized ad experiences, ensuring high conversion rates and fraud protection measures to maintain the integrity of its ad network.

Persona.ly processes over 2.8 million in-app ad auctions per second and integrates with major supply-side platforms (SSPs). It operates on CPI, CPM, and other performance-based pricing models, providing developers with exclusive payouts and risk-free campaigns.

Persona.ly Key Features

User acquisition and re-engagement solutions.
Programmatic and fully transparent service.
Dynamic creative generation capabilities.
Access to 60 data points before serving each impression.
KPI-driven demand-side platform (DSP) with direct campaigns.
Advanced optimization layer and strong targeting engine.
Fraud detection and prevention mechanisms.

10. AdGem


AdGem is an Offerwall Ad Network that empowers mobile app developers and publishers to monetize their user base effectively. As a Reward Monetization Marketplace, AdGem connects advertisers with engaged audiences worldwide, facilitating a user-centric ad experience. AdGem’s Offerwall ad unit is designed to provide seamless integrations, fully customizable ad units, and a positive user experience. 

The platform offers dedicated, in-house expertise and live chat support to ensure reliable assistance for monetization efficiencies, including best-in-class documentation. Real-time analytics provide complete transparency with immediate, detailed results.

When it comes to payments, AdGem offers multiple options, including PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The platform follows a 30-day billing cycle, ensuring timely payouts for publishers.

AdGem Key Features

Witness industry-leading offer values and completion rates.
Unlock revenue opportunities in more than 50 countries worldwide.
5000+ Offers, AI-Powered, Game landscape mode, Better eCPMs.
Users are shown only offers they are most likely to complete, enhancing user experience and revenue.
High user engagement with the app economy.
Quick issue resolution with an integrated support system.
Support for 50+ Countries.
Ad Units offer user-friendly tasks & instant rewards.
Draws in high-quality users and increases ARPDAU.

11. CPAlead

CPAlead is a prominent offerwall ad network that connects mobile app advertisers with publishers and traffic sources. Established in 2006, the network has amassed over 1,750,000 members and paid out a staggering $100,000,000 to date. CPAlead operates a real-time bidding DSP and SSP marketplace, facilitating seamless integration between advertisers and those with mobile traffic.

The network’s mission is to provide quality Android and iOS app installs by bridging the gap between mobile app developers, networks, affiliate marketers, media buyers, and other traffic sources. CPAlead’s dedicated payment department ensures that publishers get paid every day, a commitment they have upheld since inception. This daily payment structure sets them apart from many other networks.

CPAlead Key Features

Real-time bidding marketplace prioritizing top-performing CPA and CPI offers.
Exclusive high-converting offers ready for promotion with simple copy-paste links.
Direct CPA and CPI offers from source advertisers.
Rewarding top-performing advertisers with more traffic.
Offerwall, API, and SDKs are continuously updated with innovative features.
Self-serve advertising for Android and iOS app installs within minutes.
Lucrative referral program with 5% bonus earnings.
Additional rewards like trophies, medallions, iPads, and T-shirts.

12. AppLovin


As an offerwall ad network, AppLovin enables app developers to monetize their user base by presenting them with a variety of offers and incentives in exchange for completing specific actions, such as watching videos, downloading apps, or making purchases. AppLovin’s offerwall platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with mobile apps, offering a diverse range of ad formats, including interstitial ads, banner ads, and rewarded video ads

When it comes to payments and payouts, AppLovin provides flexible options to suit the needs of app developers. The network supports various payout models, including Cost-Per-Install (CPI), Cost-Per-Action (CPA), and Revenue Share, allowing developers to choose the model that aligns best with their monetization strategy. AppLovin is known for its competitive payouts and timely payments, ensuring that developers receive their earnings promptly.

AppLovin Key Features

AppLovin has a vast network of advertisers, ensuring a diverse range of offers for users.
Using advanced data analytics, AppLovin delivers highly targeted offers based on user behavior and preferences.
The offerwall platform is designed for easy integration into mobile apps, minimizing disruption to the user experience.
AppLovin supports various ad formats, including interstitial, banner, and rewarded video ads, catering to different app monetization strategies.
Developers can choose from CPI, CPA, and Revenue Share payout models, aligning with their monetization goals.
AppLovin provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, enabling developers to track performance and optimize their monetization strategies.

13. Torox


Torox is an offerwall ad network that connects users globally, empowering websites, games, and apps to improve brand awareness, monetize content, and introduce people to excellent content. Torox’s intuitive platform facilitates the customization and tailoring of the offerwall to match the website’s style and aesthetic, resulting in a seamless user experience that boosts conversions.

The platform attracts over 9 million monthly active users, providing a substantial audience for advertisers to reach. Torox supports various payment options for advertisers, including wire transfer, PayPal, and other electronic payment methods, offering flexibility and convenience in managing advertising budgets.

Torox Key Features

Web-based Offerwall with seamless integration for browser-based users. 
Massive Reach of 9M+ monthly active users globally. 
No-Code Integration for easy setup without coding requirements. 
Relevant Offers for tailored offers and numerous reward options. 
High Customization to customize the offerwall to match the site’s look and feel. 
Boosted Engagement for enhanced user engagement and conversion rates. 
Global Traffic to access to global and direct traffic sources.

14. Bitlabs

Bitlabs Ad Network

BitLabs is an Offerwall ad network that enables publishers to monetize their apps through rewarded surveys. It offers a customizable Offerwall where users can complete surveys and earn rewards in the form of coins, currency, or tokens within the app. The estimated revenue is influenced by factors such as geography, the number of active users, and the execution of rewarded surveys.

BitLabs provides quick net 30 payouts to publishers, with the option to receive payments via Crypto, Bank Wire, or PayPal. The platform boasts globally high fill rates, allowing publishers to monetize their apps effectively across various regions. BitLabs offers significantly higher eCPMs compared to regular ads or rewarded video ads, resulting in a noticeable boost in revenue for publishers.

BitLabs Key Features

Advanced dashboard for complete control over profits.
Real-time changes without coding requirements.
Extensive customization options for colors, conversion rates, currency icons, and more.
Ability to set minimum profits per completion, operating modes, and conversion rates.
Supports 73 countries.
Custom reward currency integration.

Choosing the Right Offerwall Ad Network

When choosing an offerwall ad network, there are several key factors that publishers and advertisers should consider to ensure a successful campaign. Here are some important factors to consider:

Traffic Sources and User Demographics

Offerwall ad networks typically have access to diverse traffic sources, including mobile apps, websites, and gaming platforms. It’s crucial to evaluate the network’s ability to reach your target audience based on factors such as geographic location, age, gender, interests, and device types. Networks with robust targeting capabilities can help ensure your offers are shown to the most relevant users, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Offer Types and Ad Formats Supported

Offerwall networks offer a variety of ad formats, including rewarded videos, app installs, surveys, and subscription offers. Evaluating the range of offer types and ad formats supported by the network is essential to align with your campaign objectives. For example, if your goal is user acquisition, prioritize networks that specialize in app install campaigns.

Payment Models

Offerwall ad networks typically offer a range of payment models, including cost per action (CPA), cost per install (CPI), and revenue share models, which provide flexibility for both advertisers and publishers. It’s important to understand the pricing structure and choose a model that aligns with your budget and campaign goals. For instance, CPI models may be more suitable for user acquisition campaigns, while CPA models can be effective for lead generation or engagement campaigns.

Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities are essential for measuring the success of your offerwall campaigns. Look for networks that provide detailed performance metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue generated. Advanced analytics tools can help you optimize your campaigns by identifying high-performing offers, targeting strategies, and creative elements. 

Anti-Fraud and Brand Safety Measures

Fraud and brand safety are critical concerns in the digital advertising industry. When evaluating offerwall ad networks, inquire about their anti-fraud measures, such as traffic validation, bot detection, and viewability tracking. Additionally, assess their brand safety policies and ensure they align with your brand values and guidelines. Reputable networks should have strict policies in place to protect advertisers and publishers from fraudulent activities and ensure their ads are displayed in brand-safe environments.

By considering these factors, publishers and advertisers can make informed decisions when choosing an offerwall ad network, maximizing the chances of running successful campaigns that deliver desired results and a positive return on investment.

What are Offerwall Ad Networks?

Offerwall ad networks are a type of in-app advertising that allows publishers to monetize their apps or websites by rewarding users for completing specific tasks or offers. Users can earn virtual currency, premium content, or other rewards by engaging with advertisements like installing apps, completing surveys, or watching videos.

How do Offerwall Ad Networks Work?

Publishers integrate the offerwall ad network’s SDK or API into their app or website. Users are then presented with a “wall” of offers from various advertisers. When a user completes an offer, the network verifies it and credits the user with the promised reward. The publisher earns a share of the revenue generated from the completed offers.

What are the Benefits of using Offerwall Ad Networks?

Offerwall ad networks provide an additional revenue stream for publishers, especially from non-paying users. They can increase user engagement, retention, and monetization. For advertisers, offerwalls offer targeted user acquisition and high conversion rates through incentivized offers.

What Payment Models do Offerwall Ad Networks Use?

Common payment models include Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Install (CPI), and Revenue Share. Publishers earn a commission or share of revenue when users complete specific actions like app installs, purchases, or lead generation.

How Much Can Publishers Earn with Offerwall Ad Networks?

Earnings vary based on factors like app category, user demographics, and offer types. However, offerwall ad networks can generate high eCPMs, with some networks reporting averages of $980 for mid-core games on Android in the US, and up to $1,670 for RPG titles.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the appropriate offerwall ad network is pivotal for publishers and advertisers seeking to maximize their monetization potential. With a diverse array of options available, each network offers unique features, targeting capabilities, and payout models tailored to specific campaign objectives.

When evaluating offerwall ad networks, it is essential to consider factors such as traffic sources, user demographics, offer types supported, payment models, reporting and analytics capabilities, and anti-fraud measures. By aligning these factors with their business goals, publishers and advertisers can unlock lucrative revenue streams while delivering engaging and rewarding experiences to their audiences.

Networks like MyLead, Tapjoy, Kevel, and AdGate Media have established themselves as industry leaders, offering robust platforms, extensive advertiser pools, and flexible integration options. However, the choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements of each campaign, making it crucial to conduct thorough research and analysis before committing to an offerwall ad network.

By leveraging the power of offerwall advertising and selecting the right network, businesses can foster user engagement, drive conversions, and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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