15 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs 2024 (Upto 40% Commission)

Best Meditation Affiliate Programs

Are you looking to share your love of meditation while also earning some extra income?

It's no surprise that more and more people are turning to meditation to reduce stress and improve their well-being.

Well, you're in luck because there are some fantastic meditation affiliate programs out there that can help you do just that! In fact, some of the top meditation affiliate programs offer commissions as high as 50%!

So, if you're looking to promote products that can genuinely help people while also increasing your income, you've come to the right place.

Let's explore the best meditation affiliate programs out there!

How to Choose the Best Meditation Affiliate Program?

Meditation Affiliate Programs

When choosing a meditation affiliate program, it's important to consider key features that will contribute to your success as an affiliate marketer. A top-notch program should offer competitive commissions, a wide range of products, and reliable support to help you effectively promote their offerings to your audience.

Here are 5 key features to look for in a meditation affiliate program:

High Commission Rates: Look for programs offering competitive commissions, typically 20% or higher, to maximize your earnings potential.
Diverse Product Selection: Choose programs with a wide range of meditation-related products like apps, courses, accessories, and books to appeal to your audience's varied interests.
Lengthy Cookie Duration: Opt for programs with cookie durations of at least 30 days, giving you a better chance to earn commissions from referred sales.
Reliable Tracking and Reporting: Ensure the program has a robust tracking system to accurately attribute sales and provide detailed reporting on your performance.
Marketing Support and Resources: Select programs that offer comprehensive marketing materials, banners, email templates, and dedicated affiliate manager support to help you succeed.

High Commission Meditation Affiliate Programs

Affiliate ProgramCommission RateKey Features
Synctuition30%Immersive 3D audio journeys, high commission rate
Headspace10%Popular guided meditation app, recognized brand
Barefoot Yoga8%Yoga mats, props, and accessories
loka Yoga School10%Eco-friendly yoga and meditation products
bulldog yoga15%Online yoga classes and programs
Marisa Peer30%Hypnotherapy and personal development courses
School of Positive Transformation20%Online courses on meditation, mindfulness, and self-improvement
Plant Therapy10%Essential oils and aromatherapy products
Wai Lana20%Yoga DVDs, mats, and accessories
Mindfulness10%Books and online courses on meditation, Buddhism, and mindfulness
lovetinydevotionsUp to 40%Spiritual teacher offering online courses, meditations, and events
BetterListen!20%SInspirational audio and video content, including meditation and self-help topics
Jonathan Parker10%Essential oils and aromatherapy products for relaxation and wellness
EverydayYoga8%Wide selection of yoga apparel, mats, and accessories
Yoga Download12%Online yoga and meditation classes, high commission rate

1. Synctuition


Synctuition offers a unique mind-relaxation experience using 3D sound technology to stimulate brain connectivity and foster creativity. With over 13,000 recorded sounds from global landscapes, Synctuition provides personalized mental journeys that rival traditional meditation techniques.

The Synctuition affiliate program offers attractive commissions for promoters. Affiliates can earn 20-30% commission per sale, with rates increasing based on monthly sales volume. The program features a generous cookie duration, ensuring affiliates are credited for referred customers. Promotional materials include text links, banners, and email templates. Monthly payouts are made via PayPal.

Key Features of Synctution Affiliate Program

Tiered commission structure offering 20-30% based on monthly sales volume.
Generous 90-day cookie duration for tracking referred customers and potential sales.
Variety of promotional materials including text links, banners, and email templates.
Monthly payouts via PayPal with a minimum threshold of $100 earned.
Reliable tracking system and transparent reporting for monitoring affiliate performance metrics.
Cookie Duration: 90-day
Commission: 20-30% 
Minimum Threshold: $100

2. Headspace


Headspace, a leading meditation and mindfulness app established in 2010, has significantly impacted the wellness industry with over 100 million downloads. The app offers guided meditations, sleep aids, mindfulness exercises, and more, addressing issues like stress, sleep, and focus.

The Headspace affiliate program allows individuals and companies to earn commissions by promoting Headspace products. Affiliates can earn up to 20% commission per sale. The program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and website owners in the wellness niche.

Key Features of Headspace Affiliate Program

Generous 45-day cookie duration for tracking referrals and attributing sales.
Opportunity to promote free trial offers to attract potential subscribers.
Established brand reputation in the mindfulness and meditation app market.
Ability to earn commissions on retained users after free trial periods.
Suitable for content creators and influencers in the personal development niche.
Cookie Duration: 45-day cookie duration
Commission: 20% commission per sale

3. Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga, founded in 1996, has grown into a leading provider of eco-friendly yoga products, offering over 5,000 items through its e-commerce platform and nearly 2,000 yoga studios worldwide. Affiliates earn a 10% commission on net sales. The program is managed through ShareASale, providing affiliates with reliable tracking and timely payments via direct deposit or check

Barefoot Yoga supports its affiliates with a variety of marketing materials, including promotional banners and text links, allowing for easy integration into websites and content. This program stands out for its combination of high-quality products, competitive commission rates, and long cookie duration.

Key Features of Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program

Generous 10% commission rate on all qualified sales of eco-friendly yoga products.
Access to promotional materials like banners and text links through the ShareASale platform.
Innovative product line, including the first yoga mat bag and rosewood blocks.
Comprehensive affiliate support with promotional materials and performance tracking through the ShareASale platform.
Cookie Duration: 60-day cookie
Commission: 10% commission

4. Loka Yoga School

Loka Yoga School

Hom is a leading meditation and mindfulness app that offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and relaxation techniques. Founded in 2012, Hom has grown to over 100 million downloads worldwide and offers content in over 40 languages. The app features hundreds of guided meditations on topics like stress, anxiety, sleep, and focus, as well as soothing sleep stories narrated by celebrities.

The Hom affiliate program offers a competitive 50% commission on paid subscriptions. Affiliates can earn from users who convert within a month of clicking their link. Hom provides marketing materials and access to their extensive library of meditations in 40+ languages. The program's high conversion rates, coupled with Hom's 100 million+ user base, make it a lucrative opportunity for affiliates in the wellness and mindfulness space.

Key Features of the Loka Yoga School Affiliate Program

Exclusive access to premium meditation content for affiliates to sample and promote.
Real-time tracking dashboard with detailed analytics on clicks, conversions, and earnings.
Customizable promotional tools, including widgets, banners, and deep-linking options for affiliates.
Tiered commission structure with bonuses for high-performing affiliates reaching sales milestones.
Regular product updates and new content releases to keep promotional material fresh.
Cookie Duration: 30-day 
Commission: 50%

5. Bulldog yoga

Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog yoga offers a unique approach to yoga, focusing on fitness-driven classes set to energetic music without traditional elements like chanting or Sanskrit instructions. This online platform provides on-demand and live yoga and fitness classes for all levels and schedules.

The Bulldog Yoga affiliate program presents an attractive opportunity for marketers in the wellness and fitness niche. Affiliates can earn $1 for each free trial sign-up and $6 when a user converts to a paid membership after the 14-day trial period.

Key Features of the Bulldog Yoga Affiliate Program

Fitness-focused yoga classes set to energetic music without traditional yoga elements.
On-demand and live-streaming options are available for all levels and schedules.
Three subscription plans are offered after a 14-day free trial period.
Earn $1 for each free trial sign-up with no earning limit.
80% commission on monthly memberships and $10 for annual membership conversions.
Cookie Duration: 30-day
Commission: 80% commission

6. Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is an internationally acclaimed therapist and hypnotherapist who has helped over 35,000 people transform their lives through her affordable, downloadable video courses. Her unique Rapid Transformational Therapy® has been the result of over 30 years of careful study, combining principles from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and neuroscience.

The Marisa Peer affiliate program offers an exceptional opportunity for those with lifestyle, online education, hypnosis, mindfulness, wellness, and mind, body, and spirit sites to promote her world-class courses and enable everyone to access positive change.

Key Features of the Marisa Peer Affiliate Program

Promote high-quality personal growth and self-improvement courses.
Access a wide range of promotional assets and materials.
Fitness-focused yoga classes set to energetic music without traditional yoga elements.
Earn commissions on sales driven through unique affiliate links.
Join an established program with a proven track record of success.
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Commission: Up to 30% per Sale

7. School of Positive Transformation

School of Positive Transformation

The School of Positive Transformation offers a diverse range of well-being certifications, including meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, and coaching. Founded by Dr. Itai Ivtzan, the school has garnered trust from over 10,000 students worldwide, boasting an impressive 4.8-star average review. Their Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training program, accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance, can be completed in as little as 6 weeks

With a faculty comprising renowned experts and bestselling authors, the school provides evidence-based curricula and practical tools for personal and professional transformation. Their courses are accredited by respected bodies such as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency and the Association for Coaching (AC).

Key Features of the School of Positive Transformation Affiliate Program

Promote world-class, certified, and accredited well-being courses.
Join a network of over 10,000 students and professionals.
Access a variety of courses in meditation, mindfulness, and positive psychology.
Track your performance and manage your affiliate links easily.
Utilize optimized content and tools to enhance your promotional efforts.
Cookie Duration: 15 days
Commission: 20% per sale

8. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is dedicated to offering affordable, plant-based beauty and household products that prioritize natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Their extensive range includes organic essential oils, skincare, and hair care products designed to promote a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

The Plant Therapy affiliate program allows partners to earn by promoting these eco-friendly products. Affiliates benefit from a supportive marketing team, access to a variety of promotional materials, and the opportunity to partner with a brand committed to natural living solutions.

Key Features of the Plant Therapy Affiliate Program

Affiliates promote USDA-certified, non-GMO, and cruelty-free essential oils.
Affiliates receive assistance from a dedicated support team for any queries.
Access to a variety of promotional materials to aid in marketing efforts.
Affiliates get regular updates on new products and special offers.
The program serves a global audience, expanding affiliate reach.
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Commission: 7.5% per sale

9. Wai Lana

Wai Lana

Wai Lana is a renowned yoga teacher with a long-running TV series that airs across five continents, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. Her affiliate program, hosted on ShareASale, offers a generous 15% commission on all sales with a 120-day cookie window. Wai Lana's influence in the yoga community is significant, with 75% of all health clubs offering yoga classes and tens of millions of Americans practicing yoga

Wai Lana affiliate program provides access to a vast selection of yoga-related products, including mats, DVDs, essential oils, and healthy snacks, making it an attractive option for affiliates looking to promote high-quality yoga and meditation products.

Key Features of Wai Lana Affiliate Program

Partnership with a world-renowned yoga teacher whose TV series airs on five continents.
Access to a large variety of affiliate links for easy integration into partner websites.
Opportunity to offer visitors award-winning yoga videos, music, and the web's largest yoga accessories selection.
Ability to enhance the visitor experience with access to Wai Lana's Meditation, Relaxation Club, and healthy recipes.
Affiliation with a brand that has an extensive national promotional campaign, increasing product demand.
Cookie Duration: 120 Days
Commission: 15% per sale

10. Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a practice that involves focusing on the present moment to enhance mental clarity and emotional well-being. The Mindfulness app offers guided meditations, daily mindfulness practices, and expert-led courses designed to reduce stress and improve overall mental health.

The Mindfulness affiliate program allows partners to promote this popular app and earn revenue. With the global market for meditation and mental wellness apps reaching over $533 million in 2022, the demand for such tools is rapidly growing. This program provides an excellent opportunity for affiliates to tap into a booming market and help spread the benefits of mindfulness.

Key Features of the Shambhala Publications Affiliate Program

Earn 30% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link.
Promote a product that positively impacts mental health and well-being.
Access to a variety of marketing materials to aid in promotion.
Join a community of like-minded individuals focused on mindfulness.
Benefit from a program that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers.
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission: 30% on all sales generated

11. lovetinydevotions


Tiny Devotions offers a unique meditation affiliate program through its ambassador initiative. The brand collaborates with renowned yoga instructors, wellness experts, and influencers to create custom mala bead collections. These collaborations include partnerships with figures like Koya Webb, Caley Alyssa, and Danielle LaPorte, each bringing their own spiritual philosophy to the designs.

Tiny Devotions malas are crafted to inspire self-love, courage, and personal growth. The program provides an opportunity for affiliates to promote high-quality, meaningful meditation tools while aligning with influential voices in the wellness community.

Key Features of the Teal Swan Affiliate Program

Benefit from a brand with a proven high conversion rate.
Affiliates can offer exclusive discounts to their audience.
Receive dedicated support to help maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.
Access to a variety of marketing materials to aid in promotions.
Stay informed with regular updates on new products and promotions.
Cookie Duration:  30 days
Commission: 10% per sale

12. BetterListen!


BetterListen is an independent audio publishing company offering a diverse range of programs from renowned authors, spiritual thinkers, and healers. Their catalog includes meditation, wellness, and self-discovery content from bestselling authors like Ram Dass and Marianne Williamson. BetterListen's affiliate program, managed through ShareASale, provides a generous 20% commission on all referral sales.

Affiliates receive various text links and banners to promote BetterListen's products effectively. With a mission to connect individuals to themselves and the world through timeless wisdom and inspirational ideas, BetterListen offers a valuable opportunity for affiliates in the meditation and personal growth niche.

Key Features of BetterListen! Affiliate Program

Promote audio and video programs from renowned authors and spiritual leaders.
Simple and fast sign-up process through the ShareASale affiliate network.
Access to a variety of text links and banners to meet creative needs.
Efficient tracking of purchases through refersion to ensure accurate commission payouts.
Comprehensive support and resources to help affiliates succeed.
Cookie Duration: 45 days
Commission: 20%

13. Jonathanparker


Dr. Jonathan Parker is a spiritual counselor with over 40 years of experience helping people with personal life issues. He offers a variety of online courses on topics like self-guided meditation, self-improvement, enlightenment, and karma. Parker's book “The Soul Solution” focuses on meditation techniques for betterment

As an affiliate, you can earn a 20% commission or $19 for every sale, with an average order value of $98. His courses cover a wide range of spiritual practices and are backed by prominent names in the industry.

Key Features of Dr.Jonathan Parker's Affiliate Program

Free to join with no minimum sales requirement, allowing affiliates to start earning immediately.
Managed by ShareASale, a reputable affiliate network that handles tracking, reporting, and timely payments.
Offers promotional materials like links, banners, and product reviews for effective marketing strategies.
Allows promotion across multiple websites, increasing the potential for qualified visitor referrals and sales.
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission:  20% of every sale

14. EveryDayYoga


EveryDayYoga offers a comprehensive affiliate program for those interested in promoting yoga products. By joining their program, affiliates gain access to a wide range of tools, including digital website banners and custom link generation, to help spread the word about EveryDayYoga's offerings.

The program is free to join and provides affiliates with a unique URL to share with their audience, allowing them to earn commissions on any sales generated through their referrals. EveryDayYoga's affiliate program is a great opportunity for yoga enthusiasts and bloggers to earn extra income while promoting a brand they believe in.

Key Features of Yoga Outlet Affiliate Program

Easy and free setup process, allowing quick enrollment and the start of affiliate partnership.
Provision of digital website banners with embedded unique referral links for easy tracking.
Flexible payment options, offering either cash commission or store credit commission.
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Commission: 8-10% on all sales

15. Yoga Download

Yoga Download

YogaDownload is a leading online platform offering a wide range of yoga, meditation, pilates, and fitness classes, as well as music. With a growing community and extensive library of classes, YogaDownload provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals to practice from the comfort of their homes. YogaDownload features a user-friendly interface and a variety of class options suitable for all levels, making it an attractive choice for those seeking to incorporate yoga and meditation into their lifestyle.

Key Features of Yoga Download Affiliate Program

Access to a diverse library of yoga classes, including various styles and difficulty levels.
Ability to promote high-quality, on-demand yoga content to a health-conscious audience seeking flexibility.
Regular promotional offers and seasonal discounts to boost conversion rates for affiliates.
Provision of marketing materials, including banners and text links, to enhance promotional efforts.
Cookie Duration:  30 days
Commission: 25% on all sales

Successful Strategies for Affiliate Marketing in Meditation Vertical

Successful strategies for meditation affiliate marketing revolve around authenticity, targeted content creation, and building trust with your audience. Focus on creating high-quality, informative content that genuinely helps your readers understand the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Take advantage of various content formats such as blog posts, videos, and social media to reach a wider audience. Carefully select affiliate programs that align with your niche and offer competitive commissions, like those from Mindfulness.com or SynctuitionUtilize email marketing to nurture relationships with your subscribers and provide valuable insights.

Incorporate personal experiences and testimonials to add credibility to your recommendations. Lastly, stay up-to-date with industry trends and new meditation products or services to ensure you're always offering relevant and valuable options to your audience.

What are the Common Challenges in Meditation Affiliate Marketing?

Meditation affiliate marketing presents unique challenges despite the growing popularity of mindfulness practices. Marketers in this niche often struggle to stand out in a saturated market, build trust with skeptical audiences, and effectively communicate the intangible benefits of meditation products.

Additionally, navigating complex affiliate program policies, adapting to changing algorithms, and maintaining consistent traffic can be daunting tasks. Understanding these hurdles is crucial for success in promoting meditation-related products and services.

Some of the Key Challenges in Meditation Vertical:

Market Saturation: Standing out among numerous meditation products and services.
Building Credibility: Establishing trust with potential customers in a personal niche.
Communicating Intangible Benefits: Effectively conveying the value of meditation products.
Compliance With Regulations: Adhering to FTC guidelines and disclosure requirements.
Adapting to Algorithm Changes: Staying current with search engine and social media updates.
Maintaining Consistent Traffic: Attracting and retaining a steady flow of interested visitors.

Quenching Queries on Meditation Affiliate Programs

How do Commission Structures Vary Among Top Meditation Affiliate Programs?

Commission rates range from 5% to 50%, with some programs offering tiered structures based on performance. Higher-end products often have lower rates but larger payouts due to higher prices.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Between Multiple Meditation Affiliate Programs?

Consider commission rates, cookie duration, product relevance to your audience, program reputation, payment terms, and available marketing resources. Also, evaluate the program's alignment with your content and audience interests.

How Can I Effectively Promote Meditation Products Without Personal Expertise in the Field?

Focus on the benefits and user experiences of products. Share testimonials, highlight scientific research on meditation's effects, and create content addressing common meditation challenges your audience may face.

Are there any Unique Challenges in Promoting Meditation Products Compared to Other Niches?

Maintaining audience trust is crucial in the wellness niche. Avoid overpromising results and focus on authentic, value-driven content. Address potential skepticism by citing reputable sources and user testimonials.

How do Cookie Durations Impact Earnings in Meditation Affiliate Marketing?

Longer cookie durations (e.g., 120 days for MindPlace) increase the likelihood of earning commissions from delayed purchases. This is particularly beneficial for higher-priced meditation products with longer decision-making periods.

What Types of Content Perform Best for Promoting Meditation Affiliate Products?

Guided meditation samples, product reviews, comparison articles, beginner's guides, and content addressing specific meditation benefits (e.g., stress reduction, better sleep) tend to perform well.

How Can I Utilize the Growing Wellness Trend to Maximize My Meditation Affiliate Earnings?

Create content that connects meditation to broader wellness topics like stress management, productivity, and mental health. Highlight how meditation complements other wellness practices for a holistic approach.

What Strategies Can I Use to Promote Higher-Priced Meditation Products Effectively?

Emphasize long-term value, quality, and unique features. Create detailed reviews and comparisons. Consider offering bonuses or exclusive content to incentivize purchases through your affiliate links.

How do Recurring Commission Models Work in the Meditation Vertical, and Which Ones Offer them?

Some programs offer commissions on subscription renewals. Research programs like Headspace or Calm may provide ongoing commissions for retaining subscribers, potentially leading to more stable income.

Meditate Your Way to Profits

Meditation affiliate programs offer a unique blend of passion and profit, making them an ideal choice for those interested in promoting mindfulness and well-being.

The booming wellness industry, coupled with a diverse and growing audience, provides ample opportunities for affiliates to connect with potential customers.

By promoting meditation, affiliates not only earn commissions but also contribute positively to mental and emotional health. With supportive networks and flexible promotion methods, these programs can significantly enhance your affiliate portfolio and earnings.

So what are waiting for?

Join any of the preferred meditation affiliate programs and make your way to profit!

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