16 Best Interstitial Ad Networks 2024

Best Interstitial Ad Networks

Are you ready to supercharge your ad revenue with interstitial ads? These full-screen beasts are delivering sky-high engagement and conversion rates. With their rich media format and prime real estate, interstitial ads grab users' undivided attention, making them a marketer's dream come true.

The numbers speak for themselves – interstitial ads boast a staggering 50% higher click-through rate compared to banners or pop-ups. And get this, big names like Airbnb and Pinterest have seen their app downloads soar by a whopping 100-300% by optimizing these bad boys.

The United States alone witnessed a remarkable $10.45 eCPM for in-app full-screen interstitial ads on Android devices. With such profitable opportunities, aligning with the right interstitial ad network can start off a revenue stream that complements your content strategy seamlessly.

What are Interstitial Ad Networks?

Interstitial ad networks are platforms that enable advertisers to display full-screen ads, known as interstitial ads, within mobile apps or websites. These ads appear during natural transition points or breaks in the user experience, such as between levels in a game or when going through between pages. Interstitial ads are designed to capture the user's attention by covering the entire screen, making them highly visible and engaging.

Advertisers can utilize these ad networks to reach their target audiences effectively, while publishers and app developers can monetize their content by integrating interstitial ad placements.

Best Interstitial Ad Networks 2024

Ad NetworkKey Features
Google AdMob– Trusted mobile ad network
– Supports interstitial, banner, video and native ads
– Integrated app analytics
– Over 200 billion monthly ad requests
Adsterra– Over 30 billion monthly impressions
– Extensive global coverage
– Precision targeting
– Safe ad space with malware protection
ClickAdilla– 4.5 billion daily users
– Multiple ad formats like popunders, interstitials
– Fast campaign moderation
– Anti-fraud technology
Meta Audience Network– Serves ads on Meta apps and websites
– Real-time bidding system
– Optimized ad requests
– Monthly payments
ExoClick– 8.5 billion daily ad impressions
– Real-time bidding
– Sophisticated targeting options
– Automation tools
Bidvertiser– Global traffic sources
– AI-powered optimization
– Detailed reporting
– Dedicated account managers
Apple Search Ads– Reach App Store users actively searching
– Cost-per-tap pricing model
– Advanced audience targeting
AdCash– 10+ billion daily ad requests
– Exclusive direct supply
– Daily budget optimization
– CPA Target pricing
InMobi– 2 billion+ unique devices
– Advanced audience segmentation
– Proprietary ad exchange
– User ID management solutions
AdMaven– Over 2 billion daily impressions
– Self-serve platform
– Various ad formats like push, popunders
– Global coverage
Smaato– 10,000+ publishers, 90,000+ advertisers
– Real-time bidding auctions
– Dynamic demand platform
– SDK mediation
Media.net– Contextual ad targeting
– Millions of daily impressions
– Premium demand marketplace
– Dynamic ad optimization
HilltopAds– 73+ billion monthly impressions
– Pop, push, video ad formats
– Self-serve or managed service
– Anti-fraud system
AppLovin– IAB tech lab certified
– 100+ ad partner integrations
– Real-time QA testing
– Brand safety tools
Start.io– First-party data targeting
– 500K+ integrated apps
– Remarketing capabilities
– Quality ad inventory
PropellerAds– AI-based CPA bidding
– Ready-made ad templates
– Advanced automation
– Global 40M+ user reach

1. Google AdMob

Google Admob

Google AdMob is a powerful interstitial ad network that enables app developers and publishers to monetize their mobile apps and websites effectively. As one of the largest global ad networks, AdMob works with millions of advertisers who compete for ad space in your app, from the largest global brands to the smallest businesses.

AdMob's interstitial ads are designed to be displayed at natural transition points in the app's flow, such as between activities or during pauses in a game. These ads offer high visibility and engagement rates, with click-through rates (CTRs) ranging from 0.50% to 1.50%.

AdMob provides advanced targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audience based on factors like location, device type, and user interests. Publishers can also use AdMob's frequency capping feature to control the number of interstitial ads shown to each user, ensuring a balanced user experience.

2. Adsterra


Adsterra is an interstitial ad network that enables businesses to create high-impact, full-screen ads for maximum exposure to their target audience. As a global advertising platform, it connects over 15,000 advertisers with 35,000+ publishers across 248 geos, generating over 1 billion ad impressions daily.

Interstitial ads excel in driving conversions for CPI, CPD, and CPL campaigns. Adsterra's interstitial ad format offers brand-friendly, UX-compliant ads with extraordinary viewability and prime ad positioning. The network provides diverse targeting options like web browser, operating system, device type, and location, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audiences precisely. Adsterra prioritizes safety and transparency, employing a three-layered malware protection system to verify each ad campaign before launch.

With competitive CPM rates and advanced traffic solutions, Adsterra empowers publishers to optimize their ad revenue. The platform's comprehensive analytics help measure performance and maintain stable, high CPMs. Adsterra's monthly impression rate for popular ad formats exceeds 30 billion, with 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

3. ClickAdilla


ClickAdilla is a self-serve ad network platform that delivers high-quality interstitial ad traffic across various verticals, including Dating, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Nutra, and more. As an international ad network based in Dublin, Ireland, ClickAdilla grants advertisers access to over 4.5 billion users worldwide, spanning 240+ countries.

With a daily reach of over 1 million impressions for interstitial ads, ClickAdilla offers competitive CPM rates, allowing advertisers to maximize their ad spend effectively. The platform's user-friendly interface, available in five languages, enables swift campaign creation and moderation within 10 minutes. Additionally, ClickAdilla boasts advanced anti-fraud and anti-spam systems, ensuring advertisers receive quality traffic.

ClickAdilla's interstitial ad network offers massive traffic volume, diverse targeting options, and support for various ad formats, including popunder, banner, web-push, in-app, and native ads. ClickAdilla offers 11 payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

4. Meta Audience Network

Meta Audience Network

Meta Audience Network, a subsidiary of Meta (formerly Facebook), is a powerful interstitial ad network that enables advertisers to reach their target audience across various mobile apps and websites. Meta Audience Network leverages Meta's vast data and targeting capabilities, allowing advertisers to precisely target their ads based on user interests, demographics, behaviors, and more.

Meta ad network supports various ad formats, including interstitial ads, native ads, rewarded videos, and banners. According to recent statistics, Meta Audience Network reaches over 1 billion people monthly across mobile apps and websites. It offers high-quality inventory and advanced targeting options, making it an attractive choice for advertisers seeking to maximize their return on investment (ROI) through interstitial ad campaigns.

Advertisers can access detailed performance metrics and optimize their campaigns in real time, ensuring their ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences.

5. ExoClick


ExoClick offers a wide range of interstitial ad formats, including video interstitials, mobile interstitials, and desktop interstitials. ExoClick's platform utilizes advanced targeting capabilities, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audiences effectively

The network serves over 10 billion interstitial ads monthly across its publisher network, generating substantial revenue for its partners. ExoClick prides itself on providing a user-friendly interface, real-time reporting, and dedicated support for both publishers and advertisers.

ExoClick has established itself as a specialized interstitial ad network, serving the specific needs of publishers and advertisers seeking b. With its robust technology, extensive reach, and commitment to performance, ExoClick has become a go-to choice for monetizing websites through interstitial advertising campaigns.

6. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is an interstitial ad network that offers a self-serve platform for advertisers and publishers. Established in 2003, it has served over 80,000 publishers and advertisers globally, delivering billions of impressions monthly. Bidvertiser focuses on various ad formats, including native ads, push notifications, pop-unders, slider ads, and XML feeds for desktop and mobile devices.

Bidvertiser's platform allows advertisers to create and manage campaigns effortlessly, with advanced targeting options like geo-targeting, device targeting, and frequency capping. For publishers, Bidvertiser offers an automated approval process, ensuring a hassle-free onboarding experience. Its transparent reporting system provides insights into incoming bids, winning bids, and revenue generated, fostering trust and accountability. With a minimum budget of $5 and a minimum bid of $0.003 per click, Bidvertiser serves advertisers of all sizes, making it an accessible and cost-effective interstitial ad network.

Bidvertiser has over 9,840 live publishers, showcasing its extensive reach. Additionally, the network serves over 1.5 million daily conversions, highlighting its effectiveness in driving targeted traffic and conversions for advertisers.

7. Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads is an interstitial ad network that allows app developers to promote their iOS apps directly in the App Store search results. Apple Search Ads utilizes this format to display app promotions at the top of relevant search queries on the App Store. This ad network operates on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model, where advertisers only pay when a user installs their app after tapping on the ad. 

Apple Search Ads provides advanced targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences based on factors like device type, location, and customer demographics. Advertisers can set maximum CPA bids, schedule ad delivery times, and leverage Apple's automatic keyword matching for broader reach.

The network's interstitial ad format grabs users' attention effectively, maintaining high click-through and conversion rates across mobile devices and geographic regions. With over 65% of App Store downloads originating from search, Apple Search Ads presents a valuable marketing channel for app developers seeking high-quality installs and engaged users. 

8. AdCash


AdCash is a global online advertising platform that offers interstitial ads, a highly effective ad format for advertisers and publishers. Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the entire interface, capturing users' undivided attention. AdCash's interstitial ad network delivers over 30 billion monthly impressions, with 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

AdCash collaborates with thousands of brands and app owners worldwide, enabling advertisers to reach a vast audience through targeted campaigns. AdCash's advanced targeting options, including geotargeting, device targeting, and retargeting, ensure ads are displayed to the right users at the optimal times.

Publishers benefit from AdCash's high eCPMs and extensive global coverage, serving ads in 196 countries. Moreover, AdCash prioritizes ad quality and safety, employing a three-layered malware protection system to verify each ad campaign before launch.

9. InMobi


InMobi, a global mobile advertising platform, offers publishers a powerful solution for monetizing their apps and websites through interstitial ads. With a reach exceeding 1.5 billion mobile devices worldwide, InMobi provides access to a vast audience across various regions and demographics. InMobi's advanced targeting capabilities and data-driven insights allow publishers to deliver highly relevant ads to their users, increasing the likelihood of ad engagement and boosting revenue potential. 

InMobi supports a wide range of ad formats, including static images, rich media, and video ads, giving publishers the flexibility to choose the most suitable format for their audience. Additionally, InMobi's robust ad-serving technology ensures fast ad loading times and optimal ad delivery, minimizing the impact on user experience while maximizing ad performance.

10. AdMaven


Listed at #10, AdMaven is a popular interstitial ad network that delivers high-impact, full-screen advertisements to over 1 billion engaged users worldwide. Founded in 2015 by digital advertising and security experts, AdMaven has quickly become a top choice for advertisers seeking to maximize conversions and publishers looking to optimize revenue. Using advanced optimization technology and a commitment to client success, AdMaven ensures that interstitial ads are served to the right audience at the right time. 

Interstitial ads on the AdMaven network have an impressive 0.5% to 1.5% click-through rate (CTR), outperforming many other ad formats. The company's dedication to user experience is evident in its adherence to best practices, such as strategic ad placement and frequency capping. AdMaven's extensive range of ad formats, which includes video, rich media, and interactive ads, enables advertisers to create engaging campaigns that capture audience attention.

11. Smaato


Smaato, a global real-time advertising platform, offers publishers and advertisers advanced interstitial ad solutions to maximize revenue and engagement. Smaato's interstitial ads, which include full-screen display and video formats, seamlessly integrate into mobile apps during natural transition points, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Boasting an extensive network of over 90,000 publishers and 10,000 advertisers, Smaato's interstitial ads generate click-through rates up to 18 times higher than traditional banner ads. The platform's high-end technology and granular targeting options enable advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively.

12. Media.net


Media.net is a top-tier contextual advertising network that offers high-quality interstitial ads for publishers and advertisers. As one of the largest ad tech companies worldwide, Media.net delivers billions of ad impressions each month across its network of over 500,000 websites. Media.net's advanced interstitial ad technology optimizes ads based on content relevance to maximize user engagement and revenue for publishers.

Media.net's interstitial ads support various engaging formats including video, rich media, and images. Publishers can access Media.net's premium ad inventory and unique demand through header bidding and programmatic channels. Media.net also provides detailed reporting and analytics to help publishers optimize their interstitial ad performance.

For advertisers, Media.net offers precise audience targeting capabilities and brand-safe ad inventory across its extensive network of premium publishers. Advertisers can reach their target audiences at scale with high viewability rates and ad engagement. With its powerful contextual targeting algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Media.net enables advertisers to drive strong campaign ROI.

13. HilltopAds


HilltopAds is a global advertising network that offers interstitial ads that display full-screen advertisements during natural transition points within apps or between content pages. Serving over 73 billion ad impressions per month, HilltopAds enables advertisers to reach audiences primarily in Europe, Asia, and North America

The network supports various interstitial ad formats, including images, rich media, and video ads. HilltopAds provides both self-service and managed ad campaign options, along with advanced targeting capabilities, real-time bidding, and auto-optimization features to maximize ad performance.

14. AppLovin


As an interstitial ad network, AppLovin enables publishers to maximize their ad revenue by delivering engaging full-screen ads during natural transition points within their apps. These interstitial ads can be static or interactive, featuring rich media content like videos, and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

AppLovin's advanced targeting capabilities and extensive advertiser network ensure that publishers can effectively monetize their apps while providing a positive user experience. The company's platform leverages machine learning algorithms to optimize ad placement and maximize eCPMs for publishers.

AppLovin reports that interstitial ads on their network have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2-5%, which is significantly higher than the industry average for mobile display ads. With a reach of over 2 billion monthly active users across more than 200 countries, AppLovin offers publishers access to a global audience and distinct advertiser demand.

15. Start.io


Start.io is a mobile-first interstitial ad network that enables advertisers to reach over 2 billion active users across 500,000 mobile apps. As an AI-powered platform, Start.io leverages more than 30 billion daily events to create precise, scalable audiences for highly targeted ad campaigns. The network offers a range of engaging interstitial ad formats, including rich media, video, and native ads, ensuring a seamless and immersive user experience. 

Start.io's advanced technology allows for real-time optimization and granular targeting, maximizing ad performance and return on investment. On average, interstitial ads delivered through the Start.io network achieve a 20% increase in CPM quarter-over-quarter, showcasing the effectiveness of the platform.

16. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is a multi-source advertising platform that offers interstitial ads as one of its ad formats. Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the entire screen of a device, making them highly visible and engaging. PropellerAds' interstitial ads are strategically timed to appear at natural transition points in a user's browsing experience, enhancing engagement and click-through rates (CTRs).

PropellerAds boasts an impressive reach, serving over 1 billion users and generating 12 billion daily impressions. Their interstitial ad format is particularly effective, with ready-to-go templates that allow advertisers to quickly set up campaigns. Additionally, PropellerAds employs AI-based CPA Goal bidding, enabling campaigns to be optimized for optimal conversions automatically.

Their interstitial ads have proven successful across various verticals, including utilities, sweepstakes, finance, and iGaming, especially for mobile traffic. The platform offers competitive pricing models, with minimum bids starting from $0.001 for CPC and $0.01 for CPM. PropellerAds' interstitial ad network caters to both advertisers and publishers, providing access to global ad inventory and advanced targeting options.

Optimizing Interstitial Ad Placements

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear at natural transition points in mobile apps. Proper placement and frequency capping are crucial for providing a good user experience and maximizing engagement.

Optimizing Interstitial Ad Placements

The key best practice is to time interstitial ads during natural breaks or transition points in the app flow. Frequency capping limits how often a user sees an interstitial ad over a period of time. Google AdMob caps interstitial displays to 1 per hour per user by default. Overcapping can overwhelm users and negatively impact retention.

Optimizing load times is also important to minimize disruptions. Preloading interstitial content ensures the ad is ready when needed, preventing lags or delays when transitioning between app states.

Finally, publishers must follow platform-specific guidelines for proper interstitial implementation. Google and Apple provide guidance on allowed placements, frequency, load times, and other requirements to maintain policy compliance.

Maximize Revenue with the Right Interstitial Ad Network

Choosing the right interstitial ad network is crucial for maximizing your ad revenue. Here are some key factors to consider:

Ad Format Support: Ensure the network supports interstitial ads and other formats you plan to use, such as video or native ads. This flexibility allows you to diversify your ad offerings and cater to different audience preferences.
Audience Targeting: Look for networks that offer advanced targeting options, such as location, demographics, interests, and behavior. Precise targeting ensures your ads reach the most relevant users, increasing engagement and conversions.
Optimization Tools: Evaluate the network's optimization tools, including A/B testing, frequency capping, and real-time bidding. These tools help you fine-tune your ad campaigns for better performance and higher eCPMs.
Payout Rates: Compare the network's payout rates and payment terms with industry standards. Higher payouts and favorable terms can significantly impact your overall ad revenue.

By considering these factors, you can unlock the full potential of interstitial ads and maximize your ad revenue. Stay ahead of the competition by continuously testing and refining your ad network partnerships for optimal performance.

How Do Interstitial Ads Networks Work?

Interstitial Ad networks integrate ad SDKs, request and serve interstitial ads, track metrics like impressions/clicks, and pay publishers.

Are there any Downsides to Using Interstitial Ads?

Interstitial ads can negatively impact user experience if implemented improperly, as they disrupt the user's flow and activity. Google penalizes websites that display interstitial ads at inappropriate times or too frequently.

Can Interstitial Ads Appear on Desktop Websites?

Yes, interstitial ads can be used on desktop websites in addition to mobile apps and mobile websites. However, the same best practices around proper timing and frequency apply to avoid negatively impacting desktop user experience.

How Can Frequency be Optimized in Interstitial Ads?

Implement frequency capping to limit how often a user sees an interstitial ad within a given time period.

What Verticals Perform Well with Interstitials?

Gaming, e-commerce, travel, entertainment, and other verticals where immersive ad experiences are valuable.

What Targeting Options Exist in Interstitial Ads?

Geo-targeting, device targeting, contextual targeting based on app content/categories, and other audience segmentation.

Amplifying Revenues

You know, when it comes to mobile advertising, interstitial ads are real OGs. These full-screen beauties have the power to truly captivate your audience and drive some serious engagement. But let's be real, not all interstitial ad networks are created equal.

With so many options available, it's essential to consider factors like ad formats, targeting capabilities, and analytics tools. The best networks offer a balance of high-quality ads and user-friendly integration, ensuring that your audience has a seamless experience. It is worth mentioning that interstitial ads offer click-through rates up to 50% higher than traditional banners, enabling you to maximize your ad spend effectively.

So, explore your options, test different networks, and find the perfect fit for your app's monetization strategy. Happy advertising!

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